Touzil System


The Touzil System is an advanced but easy to use tool to calculate and predict the Oxygen Drop in the pSCR Rebreathers.

Unlike traditional systems, the Touzil System takes into account the real dump ratio and the efficiency of the diver+Rebreather system.

Each diver, every Rebreather, every condition is different. Therefore it’s so important the role played by the Oxygen Drop in each leg of the dive. The K factor is not unique. It must be calculated for each diver and unit combination. Also, it must be calculated for the bottom, the descent and the ascent.

Rebreather divers should always know what they are breathing. The Touzil System accuracy gets to the second decimal, so you can simulate, once verified the starting parameters, all mixes, every scenario, in each phase of the dive.

WARNING: Do not use this software for Close Circuit Rebreathers. CCRs and pSCRs are very different in concept and functioning principle as well.

Disclaimer: You dive at your own risk. By using this software you agree that you use all results at your risk and that we can not, under any circumstances, be made liable for the use of the program and any kind of injuries that any person might get as a result. We highly recommend to get proper training before diving pSCR Rebreathers.


The Touzil System

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