Battlefield Standalone


If you have an account,  here you can download the standalone Touzil System program. Keep in mind that the program has the same Battelfielnd  webpage functionality. So, you have to prepare your data online before using it properly, You can use the Efficiency and K page. Once you obtained the data, you can play with the program.


Windows 32 bit

Macintosh Intel

Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit



  1. unzip the downloaded file

  2. run the Setup


  1. unzip the downloaded file

  2. double click on the touzil.dgm file

  3. drag in the Applications folder


  1. move the downloaded file in the folder of your choice

  2. extract the tar.gz file (tar-zxvf touzil_x.x.xx-xx.tar.gz)

  3. with the terminal, navigate to the touzil folder

  4. run the command sudo cp ./lib32/* /usr/lib if you ar going  to install the 32 bit version. The command is sudo cp ./lib64/* /usr/lib for the 64 bit version

  5. now you can run it with the command ./touzil while in the touzil folder, or by double clicking the icon

WARNING: Do not use this software for Close Circuit Rebreathers. CCRs and pSCRs are very different in concept and functioning principle as well.

Disclaimer: You dive at your own risk. By using this software you agree that you use all results at your risk and that we can not, under any circumstances, be made liable for the use of the program and any kind of injuries that any person might get as a result. We highly recommend to get proper training before diving pSCR Rebreathers.

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